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This is the third publication by visual artist Letícia Lampert. During the making of this book, the artist visited over 50 apartments in central areas of Porto Alegre – where streets, sided by buildings on both edges, shape a view confrontation situation.

Over time, doormen and janitors became the main curators of the project. Between suspicion and sympathy, apprehension or excitement, they were the ones who almost always decided on what buildings I could enter, and whom I would meet”.

152 pages | 84 photographies | 23 testimonials

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Fora de estoque

Conhecidos de Vista / Known by Sight (2018) 

Concept, photography and design: Letícia Lampert | Publishing coordination: Laura Del Rey | English version: Raquel Dommarco Pedrão | Proofreading: Aline Caixeta Rodrigues | Cataloging: Ruth Simão Paulino | Production [public edit]: Janaína Spode

Book print specifications: 1st edition | 152  pages | 84 photographies | 23 testimonials | 19×24 cm | print run: 1000 | hard cover with matte lamination and dry embossing | concertina-like bookbinding | ISBN 978-85-85223-00-7

This project was carried out with the endorsement of Fumproarte/Porto Alegre.

About the project

“Known by Sight” examines an increasingly frequent situation in the contemporary urban context: apartment buildings with opposite windows way too close. Views that don’t show the city or the landscape, but someone else’s life nearby. Neighbors who don’t formally know each other but can make long descriptions about each other’s daily habits.

This work was developed through the contact with dwellers from more than 50 apartments, chosen by chance, in narrow streets from Porto Alegre – Brazil. The idea was to counterpoint views and points of view, always visiting apartments on both sides of the street. The dwellers testimonies were collected in informal chats and complement the images, revealing these unique relationships established in the city.

I have always felt that a city is many cities into one; that everything changes according to the point from which we look. The curiosity to find other angles from the place where I lived drove me to look for an unusual perspective: from the windows of others. I wanted to literally counter views and points of view. But if the urban landscape was the starting point, it was not long before the neighborhood stories made me change my route, bringing the affective landscape between windows to the center of attention.

In an inverted flânerie through the central districts of Porto Alegre, I visited more than fifty apartments, randomly chosen – and without making appointments beforehand. There were rules, though: the streets had to be narrow, with buildings on both sides. _ Letícia Lampert

About the author

Lens-based Brazilian artist, Leticia works mainly with photography, collage and artist’s books. Her work focuses on the different ways of seeing the landscape, especially in the urban environment, and on how architecture mediates our relationship with places. She is graduated in Graphic Design and Visual Arts/Photography and also has a MFA in Visual Poetics. She has had her work highlighted in awards such as the Pierre Verger National Prize of Photography and the Itamaraty Prize of Contemporary Arts, among others. She has taken part in international art residencies such as The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai – China, FAAP Art Residency, in Sao Paulo – Brazil and Pier 2, in Kaohsiung – Taiwan. She has already published three photobooks: “The Color Scale of Things”, “Chai” and “Known by Sight”. | visit the artist’s website


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