TRACKLIST (42 min)

01. Velocity Girl “Living Well” (Copacetic, Sub Pop, 1993, Estados Unidos)
02. Free Loan Investments “Be With Me” (Ever Been to Mexico?, Shelflife Records, 2002, Estados Unidos)
03. Fashion Show “คำในใจ” (Smallroom 002 – Songs from the Audience, Smallroom Bangkok Pop Music Label, 1999, Tailândia)
04. Penguin Villa “ลอง” (ออกไปข้างนอก, Smallroom Bangkok Pop Music Label, 2015, Tailândia)
05. Mitsume “Disco” (Eye, White Lily Records, 2012, Japão)
06. Ponytail “Honey Touches” (Do Whatever You Want All The Time, We Are Free, 2015, Suécia)
07. Dealership “Forest” (Action/Adventure, Turn Records, 2004, Estados Unidos)
08. Shapes and Sizes “The Long Indifference” (Split Lips, Winning Hips, A Shiner, Asthmatic Kitty Records, 2007, Estados Unidos)
09. Wire “Outdoor Miner” (Chairs Missing, Harvest, Harvest, 1978, Reino Unido)
10. Comet Gain “Why I Try To Look So Bad” (Réalistes, Kill Rock Stars, 2002, Estados Unidos)
11. Fennesz Sakamoto “Haru” (Cendre, Touch Music, 2007, Reino Unido)
12. Asa-Chang & Junray “Hana” (Jun Ray Song Chang, Leaf, 2002, Reino Unido)


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